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this blog is two parts boring to the one part narcissistic, and a chronicle of the mundane and artistic (these two terms are not mutually exclusive) ventures of alice's [non]life.


Until then, I’ll drink enough for both of us.


Until then, I’ll drink enough for both of us.

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August has been such a shitty month and I want July back pronto.

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The Weakerthans Plea From A Cat Named Virtute

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"Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter."
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"Distorted realities have always been my cup of tea."
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I’m leaving in only a few hours and am FREAKING OUT. Everything this year has been vaguely leading up to this - extensive amounts of paperwork, a lot of money, the occasional crying session at work - and I don’t feel ready at all. In the past few days I’ve had some amazing times, have gone through the motions of dusting off my suitcase and setting up a travel card, but I have also lost something like four kilograms and am getting emotional about each “last” thing I do like visit a friend at their work, or catch a bus home and smile as the driver sings along to the radio. I do this traveling thing almost twice a year, but somehow this one is different because it’s the first time I’ve been doing it truly alone. I guess all I can do is breathe deeply, and cross my fingers that I packed enough cardigans. Also know that my marvelous friends and amazing boy will be with me soon to see me off and that ultimately it will all be okay.

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#travel  #this is 99% fear and i would suggest skipping it